FDGB-Pokal pocket vegas

No winner in the Hamburg Schnarch Derby

A lot of fuss about nothing! Sold out weeks ago. Four-digit ticket prices on the black market. Mayor in the stadium. Fan address at the HSV final training. Fan march of the St. Pauli fans to the Volksparkstadion. 5,50 Euro (!) for a big beer. And at the end such a game. The two rivals […]


Holtby and Knoll on rivalry, hostility and punishment

Lewis Holtby and Marvin Knoll talk in a double interview with SPORT BILD about the Derby flair, hostilities and punishment catalogues before the explosive Hamburg hit. SPORT BILD: Welcome to the Derby Summit, Mr. Holtby and Mr. Knoll. The tickets for the duel were sold out within a few hours, at St. Pauli within a […]