Bitcoin: How do you know if a source is reliable?

The technology is wonderful, of that there is absolutely no doubt. Thanks to the emergence of more and better technological innovations, mankind’s standard of living has grown steadily over the past centuries. However, technology can also have a dark side, especially when it serves to manipulate information with fake news. That’s why today we’re talking about how to know if a source is reliable in the world of Bitcoin.

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Technology and fake news
As hard as the situation may be at present, in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, something that is undeniable for any person on the planet, is the tremendous advance that humanity has experienced in the last centuries. Especially, since the First Industrial Revolution with its technological advances, unleashed a constant and exponential increase in people’s standard of living.

From the first steam engine, through electricity, to computers and now artificial intelligence. Technology has served humans time and again to live longer, be happier and be connected at all times and in all places.

However, this story is not always as beautiful as it may seem. For, if technology has created positive and good forces like Bitcoin, it has also allowed the emergence of several of mankind’s worst nightmares. Including industrial warfare, which caused millions of deaths due to technological advances such as nuclear bombs.

Much less dramatic than a nuclear bomb, but also quite damaging, are the fake news. False news spread through social networks, which generate misinformation among society. This leads to people acting in the physical world on many occasions, basing their decisions on false news. Something that also affects the crypto world and the Bitcoin community.

The importance of being well informed in Bitcoin

It seems indisputable that all human beings want to be free. However, some understand freedom differently than others. For some groups, freedom begins with economic well-being, for others with economic freedom and property. But at the end of the day, the goal is the same for everyone: to be able to decide on our life and our future by reaching our maximum potential.

Bitcoin is a technological breakthrough that was born with this idea in mind. Like a virtual currency that aims to conquer freedom for all individuals on the planet. Far from the financial manipulations of state or private institutions, which manipulate the value of fiat money according to their objectives.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin is not enough to get freedom. Even advances like the Internet and the Bitcoin Billionaire are not enough. Well, this technology is of no use to us if our use of it is misdirected. If it is based on false news, unreliable sources, and misconceptions about what is going on in the world. Only true information can set us free, and so we must know where to find it.